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Currently, Shirts Our Business Ltd. Accepts art in the following programs and versions. All programs are in Macintosh platform:

Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS5

1. Create outlines for all fonts in the program for Illustrator files.

2. A printout of the artwork should be included with a disk submission, or faxed to 773-271-1274 with an email submission.

3. Email is accepted at artwork@sobltd.com. When emailing a file greater than 1 MB, try to stuff the file before sending. We have less transfer problems with stuffed files.

4. We can cross IBM/Mac platform for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, by having files saved as Mac versions.

5. We can cross IBM/Mac platform from Corel Draw by having the file exported to Adobe Illustrator. Caution -- designs with gradients and special type treatments do not cross over without problems. Type should be converted to curves.

6. Make sure to include placed and/or linked images with your art. Your images should be high resolution files of 300 DPI or greater at full size to be printed. A 72 DPI jpg is not sufficient.


A clean hard copy of black and white artwork is also acceptable. Examples of usable forms include ad slicks, very clean photocopies and laser prints. Do not send originals; Shirts Our Business cannot be held liable for original art. Art should be submitted as close to the full, final size of the design as possible.

Maximum print size is 12" square.

Please direct all art questions to art work.


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