We base our pricing on a lot of factors. If you need shirts, we suggest calling us at (888) 757-4478 or (773) 271-0600 for a quote. You can also use our T-shirt Design Studio to get an accurate price. If you want a quick idea of how much a simple order could cost, use this handy calculator. THIS IS NOT A QUOTE!!! It is fairly accurate, but sometimes the specifics of an order change the price.

Order Estimate Calculator


How many shirts do you want?

What kind of shirt do you want?

What color do you want?

How many colors are in your design?

Some things we charge for....

All product costs are set by our distributors. To see their prices, go to our Design Studio's product page.
  • You can use your own goods, but it is usually a lot cheaper to order through us.
  • We do not sell blank goods.
$25 for each screen used. $10 for each film used. One screen and film per color.
  • That is a one time fee. We save your screens and films.
  • Add an extra screen and film for dark shirts. An underbase of white ink is printed underneath the design so that the colors are bright enough on the dark colors.
  • $50 for screens used for process or half-tone screens.
  • Extra costs for sizes over 12.5 inches x 16 inches.
  • Art must satisfy our Art guidelines.
  • $35 per hour is charged if you want us to create your artwork.