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Browse through our pictures to see things we have printed over the years, and behind the scenes images of how we do it.



We have been printing for Threadless for years.  Here is their design 'Ramen'ses Return.  Noodles back from the dead, with a vengeance. Hungry? Manny's Deli is a great place to go.  That shirt looks delicious. Chicago Blackhawks championship shirts printed here at Shirts Our Business back in 2010. The Chicago Jazz Fest is a fun time, especially if you pick up a commemorative T-shirt printed here at Shirts Our Business. Before we can print, the image must be burned into the emulsion of the screen.  Here we are attaching the film to the screen, getting ready to be exposed. UV light cures the emulsion of all parts of screen, except where blocked out by the design on the film attached. A favorite with tourist, Garrett's Popcorn has been trusting us with their shirts for years. We use a heat press to put custom labels on the inside of shirts.  Gone are the days of scratchy tags.  A printed label is much more comfortable. TMNT!  Before Michael Bay got his hand on the franchise, Threadless did this design called Hero Half Shell. FUN FACT:  Artist Jon Langford's art studio used to be above our office until we remodeled.  We still do shirt of his art and for his bands. I used to play the video game Rampage all the time.  Thanks Threadless for your design This is Mine. Shipping off another order. The Metro is a legendary venue here in Chicago.  Here is a shirt we printed for them. We mix the ink to get the exact color you want printed on the shirt. The Crown Vics T-shirt.  Check them out. Another Threadless design.  This is Seuss Army Knife. Another Threadless design. This is Welcome to Skull City. One of the many shirt we have done with the artwork of David Lee Csicsko Another Threadless design.  This is I See Colours. Here is our press operator setting up a screen for printing. Here our press operator is loading a shirt onto the press so it can be printed. This is our shop.  Three M&R presses and some talented employees. Another Threadless design.  This is God Owl of Dreams. Look at all that ink! So many colors.  We use Plastisol inks that are cured by heating. Here is an overhead view of the shop. This is where all the magic happens. We have plenty of screens.  This allows us to keep your design on file longer, saving you money. Look at that nice design we printed for Scooterworks on press. Remember when the Shedd Aquarium got jelly fish? We printed shirts for that. The ink is cured by sending the shirt through an industrial dryer. Here is a Threadless design on the conveyer belt, ready to be wet no more. All those boxes are full of shirts ready to be printed.  We print a lot of shirts. Here is a shirt we did for the Smart Bar.